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A Guide for Stat Improvement[]

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In the Land of Bloodlust everyone strives to be harder to kill, or... No kill at all...

One way is to improve your characters statistics.

Option One:  Stat Pools![]

"It is said that when you drink pools of improvement you feel as if you took another step towards immortality"
-Volo, the Traveller, on the Day of the Great Gods
5th Day of the Month of Renewal, Year 164

Spread over the world of Duris are stat pools. Drinking them will improve a specific stat.

Stat Location
Strength City of Brass (Efreeti)
Agility Ceothia
Dexterity The Charcoal Palace
Constitution Celestia
Wisdom Astral Plane (Tiamat)
Intelligence The Negative Material Plane 
Power The Githyanki Fortress 
Charisma Zalkapfaan 
Luck Hall of Ancients

Drinking a pool is free, but always at the end of the zone.


Option Two:  Pay to Improve!

"Money does not make happy, it does however make a living"
- Shinjin, the grand master, on the Day of the Moon
7th Day of the Month of Renewal, Year 342

Money buys everything! (or almost)
Buy your magical stat potions, don't forget your purse!   

  1. A magical strength potion

  2. A magical agility potion

  3. A magical dexterity potion

  4. A magical constitution potion

  5. A magical luck potion

  6. A magical power potion

  7. A magical intelligence potion

  8. A magical wisdom potion

  9. A magical charisma potion

These potions are available at the following locations:

Shinjin, the grand master at Verspin

Maelborg, the dark magi at Bloodstone Keep

A Guide to Stat Improvement
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