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Help Article[]

This ability allows the individual to sink into a deeper form of meditation, allowing them to further communicate with their body and aids healing, prayer, and memorization.

Zone Information[]

Zone Name: Father Tel's Holy Cloister

Average mob level in zone: 45

Mob Information[]

Room Name: The Central Chamber of Meditation

Directions: Enter Zone Marker on Map from North, go 5 south.

Mob Name: (Q)Father Tel rests in this room, speaking with his assistant.


Welcome, traveller!

I am pleased that you have wandered so far in order to seek my assistance.

There are few adventurers willing to seek out the knowledge of advanced meditation.

It will cost you 25 epic points and 250 platinum.

Practice Message[]

Father Tel takes you aside and teaches you the finer points of advanced meditation.

You feel your skill in advanced meditation improving.