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Aivlvio, the Newbie Outpost[]

Written by: Tani[]

Zone Info:[]

Aivlvio, the newbie outpost is designed to educate new players on the various aspects of the Duris commands required to play the game. This is accomplished via quest mobs scattered through out the zone who provide details regarding commands and gameplay.  The mobs also typically provide quests that require exploring Aivlvio for rewards and routing the player by other quest mobs.

Notable quests in the zone:[]
Quest Giver Quest Name
Lapney Acorn Quest
Osule Meteor Fragment Quest
Creyset Fishing Quest
Esera Amulet Quest
Drinnan Dark magical stones Quest
Llerrad Bandits Quest
Agare Bandits Quest
Perr Wolf Quest
Quek Amulet Quest
Foet Stolen Voice Quest
Taiz Bones Quest
Red Cure Quest
Nalk Xorn Quest
Maerg Spores Quest

Zone Map:[]


Ailvio Map