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Cargo for Fun and Profit![]

So, you've bought yourself a sloop and worked out how to get from continent to continent... well done!

The next stage of sailing, is learning how to cargo, now, apart from mining, this is the only way to make significant amounts of platinum in Duris.

So, what do we need? Well, firstly, you'll need a ship that can actually carry some cargo, a sloop CAN carry one cargo, but lets be real - this is way too small an amount to make decent money. Initially (unless you have a friend offering to finance you), your first cargo carrying ship will be a Clipper.

Clippers have 10 cargo capacity, this is enough to get started with and earn some plat. So, you upgrade your hull to a Clipper (do this by having your ship docked at a dock with a ship builder, and type "buy hull 3".), if you don't have a ship already you can start with a Clipper if you have 1500 plat to spend, upgrading a ship will cost you less.

Once your ship is built, you will be able to buy cargo, to see how much cargo units cost, type "list cargo" at the dockmaster. Load up your cargo and undock!

Things to be aware of:

  • The more cargo you buy, the slower your maximum speed will become.
  • If you sail without a diplomatic flag, your cargo profits will be 10% higher, but you will also have a much higher chance of being raided by pirates!
  • The further away one dock is from another, the better your profit will be.
  • Not all Docks actually sell and buy Cargo, see below for a list of docks and their cargo types.
  • If you come across an enemy ship and are unable to fight, your best option is to jettison your cargo and set your speed max and run!
  • Once you have ship-frags (or a significant amount of gun-skill), contraband will become available at certain docks in addition to cargo.
  • Contraband WILL be confiscated at docks so expect to lose 50% of your contraband at each stop (if not more).
  • Don't sail with only contraband, mix it up with normal cargo to reduce your chance of having it confiscated.

Types of Cargo and Contraband, and its place of origin:

  • Cured Meats (Cargo) or Ancient Books and Scrolls (Contraband) - Flann Dock (north of Tharnadia).
  • Exotic Foods (Cargo) or Exotic Herbs (Contraband) - Dalvik Dock (middle-south of KK continent).
  • Silk Cloth (Cargo) or Rough Rubies (Contraband) - Venan'Trut Dock (Island west of IC, east of GC).
  • Elven Wines (Cargo) or Elven Antiquities (Contraband) - Myrabolous Dock (North GC/Evermeet).
  • BlackSteel Ingots (Cargo) or Rare Dyes (Contraband) - Sarmiz'Duul Dock (South-Eastern EC).
  • Copper Ingots (Cargo) or UnderDark Mithril (Contraband) - Thur'Graax Dock (North-Western EC).
  • Pine Pitch (Cargo) or Exotic Oils (Contraband) - Menden-on-the-Deep Dock (Centre-South IC).
  • Bulk Lumber (Cargo) or Rare Magical Components (Contraband) - Torrhan Dock (South GC, between Tharnadia and Woodseer).
  • Bulk Coal (Cargo) or Rough Diamonds (Contraband) - Storm Port Dock (North-East EC, slightly South-East of Shady Grove)

I've got some Guns - what can I shoot?![]

Ok, so at this stage you should be well familiar with Ship Navigation (ordering different headings and speed).

Let us look into how to actually FIGHT in a ship, firstly, ship weapons....

Available Weapons[]

# Name Weight Range Damage Ammo Dispersion Sail Hit Hull Dam Sail Dam Reload Time Cost (Plat) Experience Required 
1 Small Ballistae 3 0-8 2-4 60 10 12% 100% 50% 30 50 0
2 Medium Ballistae 6 0-10 4-6 50 10 14% 100% 50% 30 100 0
3 Large Ballistae 10 0-12 6-9 30 10 16% 100% 50% 30 500 0
4 Small Catapult 10 4-15 4 x 2-3 30 160 20% 100% 100% 30 500 0
5 Medium Catapult 13 5-20 5 x 2-4 20 260 20% 100% 100% 30 800 0
6 Large Catapult 17 6-25 6 x 2-5 12 360 20% 100% 100% 30 1200 0
7 Heavy Ballistae 15 0-4 15-22 6 10 0% 100% 0% 30 1000 0
8 Light Beamcannon 7 0-20 4-16 40 10 10% 100% 30% 45 4000 1600
9 Heavy Beamcannon 9 0-23 5-22 40 10 10% 100% 30% 45 5000 1800
10 Mind Blast Cannon 5 0-20 0 50 360 0% 0% 0% 45 4000 1700
11 Fragmentation Cannon 7 0-16 5 x 4-6 20 90 50% 50% 100% 45 5000 1900
12 Long Tom Catapult 9 12-32 8 x 3-6 6 360 20% 100% 100% 45 5000 2000


In the table above is a list of all the different weapons available for ships in the game. Most of the headings should be self explanatory, however a couple need explanation...

Dispersion - This indicates the radius hit by the weapon, so if the dispersion is "10" it will only hit one side of the ship - the one fired upon. If the dispersion is "360", it means the weapon has a chance to hit ALL sides of the ship fired upon.

Sail Hit - This tells you how likely the weapon is to hit the target's sails, as opposed to it's hull, shooting a sail won't sink a ship, but will slow it down.

Sail Dam - This tells you how much damage the weapon will do to the sail as a percentage of the total damage.... e.g. - if the sails are hit by a weapon doing 4 damage, and the "Sail Dam" is 50%, you'll do 2 damage to the sails overall.

So, understanding the table above, we can look at the different "Types" of Weapons, these fall into 3 categories:

  • Ballistae - These are the weapons used for close-range engagement, they have very low dispersion and therefore will only hit one side of the target. This type of weapon is most useful when fighting Pirates, or for what I call "Skirmishers" in PVP Ship Engagements.
  • Catapults - These are the weapons used for long-range engagement, they have a high dispersion value and therefore will hit all sides of the enemy ship. Catapults also have a slightly higher "Sail Hit" chance and 100% Sail Damage value. These weapons while also useful to "Skirmishers", are the best weapon on the "Chaser" type of ship setup.
  • Capital Weapons - These weapons can only be purchased once your crew have sufficient gun-skill to use them. They vary in effect, Beamcannnons are like long-range, high-damage Ballistae. A Fragmentation cannon is a weapon specifically designed to shred an enemies sails. Mind-Blast cannons will render a ship's crew and captain unable to issue orders for a period of time and the Long-Tom Catapult is a very long-range catapult.

Now, in my "model" of ship-combat, I tend to classify ships into 2 types, these are "Chasers" and "Skirmishers". A Description of the characteristics of the ship configurations follow:

  • Chasers - Typically smaller-hulled fast ships equipped with at least a Catapult, preferably a Catapult and Ram. This ship configuration is used to "Chase-Down" the enemy and prevent them from docking. The Catapult is used to damage and slow the target at long-range and the ram can be used either when the target is immobilized or when too close for catapult fire.
  • Skirmishers - Typically ships of the larger hull classes, equipped with ballistae and possibly catapults. This ship configuration is used to get into the "thick" of combat and take and deal close-range damage. Whilst you can equip a Ram on a Skirmisher I tend to leave it off to allow the weight penalty to be used for more ballistae.

For newer sailors a "Chaser" type configuration is the lower-risk option for (large) ship-battle engagements, as it allows them the ability to stay out of range of heavy "skirmisher" fire and also a faster escape should the tide of the battle turn for the worse.

A Typical "Chaser" configuration - Ketch Hull, Bronze Ram Fore, Medium Catapult Fore... even with low crew skill should provide a 68 speed maximum.

A Typical "Skirmisher" configuration - Galleon Hull, Large Catapult or 2x Med Catapults Fore, Several Ballistae on Port or Starboard or Both.

Of course you can mix-and-match your configurations as necessary, early in the wipe stages it's quite common to have Ketch-class "Skirmishers".

Look Contacts - A Ship-Fighter's most important information display.[]

So having done cargo, you'll likely be familiar with the way the map updates during sailing, when engaging in ship-battles the map display is one of the LEAST important things you need to pay attention to. LONG before you see a ship on the map, you can "detect" it using the "look contacts" command.

I recommend when sailing, to setup a timer in your MUD-client to use the "look contacts" or "l c" command regularly, some people have it set every second, I like mine to run every 3 seconds, although in the heat of battle I'll sometimes type the command manually as well if I want a quicker update.

Lets look at what this command produces..

Contact listing                                                 H:0   S:25 
 [WC] Shipping Golem                 X:62  Y:40  R:16.1  B:130 H:325 S:55 |SF

Here we see a look contacts output, the command has 3 lines output in this instance, this is what they mean........

  • The first line shows the command heading "Contact Listing" and two numbers... the "H:" number is YOUR ships current heading, the "S:" number is YOUR ships current speed.
  • The second line is just the"buffer" between the heading and the listing of ships in scout range of your ship.
  • The Third line shows:
    • [WC] - this is the Ship's "ID", every ship has a unique identifier, pirates (non-player ships), ALWAYS start with "X", "Y", or "Z".
    • Shipping Golem - this is the name of the ship.
    • X: 62, Y:40 - These are the ships coordinates relative to your own (generally not that important).
    • R:16.1 - This is the ships "Range" to your own, this is important as you need to be "in-range" to fire your weapons.
    • B:130 - This is the ships "Bearing" to your own, this is important as you'll want to position your ship's weapons correctly to fire on the target.
    • H:325 - This is the ships "Heading", this is important as it shows the direction the ship is moving.
    • S:55 - This is the ships "Speed", this shows how fast it is moving.
    • | - is just a marker for aesthetics, each line showing a ship will have one of these.
    • SF - This is the Side of YOUR ship facing the other ship, and the side of the other ship facing YOURs... in this instance the "Starboard" side of the person doing "look contacts" is facing the "Forward" side of the other ship.

Crew Skills - What do these mean, how do they affect combat?[]

So in addition to a Hull and Weapons, a ship also has a "crew", this "crew" is a non-object "rating" system that has 4 main values... Crews can't be "killed" and will stay with your ship even if you've been sunk.

To see your "Crew" simply board your ship and type "look crew"... you'll see output similar to the following:

Current crew: StormPort Bucaneers
              Rugged Helmsman
              Experienced Canoneer
              Dock Carpenter
Deck skill:   296   (+1)
Guns skill:   251   (+3)
Repair skill: 214   (+1)
Stamina:      625/625

Every ship starts with "Amateur" crews, after building up crew experience or Ship Fags, you can "upgrade" your crew by hiring a new one at various taverns around the continent - to see what crews are available, look here!

In the example above, we can see a ship that has what are referred to sometimes as "Level-1" crews... The "Main" crew has been upgraded from an "Amateur Crew" to "StormPort Bucaneers". There are also 3x "Officers" in this crew, Rugged Helmsman (Deck), Experienced Canoneer (Guns) and Dock Carpenter (Repair).

In terms of combat, the 4 things to be aware of is:

  • Deck Skill - Will affect the maximum speed of your ship, the higher this value, the faster your ship will go when loaded with weapons and/or cargo.
  • Gun Skill - Will affect the accuracy of your weapons on your ship, higher value = higher accuracy. The Gun Skill also determines what capital weapons you can equip and which docks you can purchase "Contraband" when doing cargo.
  • Repair Skill - Will affect how quickly you can repair your ship when anchoring. If immobilized in combat you can "order anchor" and your ship will attempt to make repairs to the ship to allow you to sail again.
  • Stamina - Will limit your ships ability to turn, once stamina runs out it has to be replenished before your ship can turn again.

That's the basics of crews, as I mentioned above, see the Ship Crews Page for information on what crews and officers are available throughout the land of Duris.

The Basics of Shipfighting, how to engage in ocean warfare...[]

Ok, so at this point you should have a good understanding of weapons, hulls, crew, and ship orientation (the direction your ship is facing).... Now we'll look into how to engage in an actual ship battle.

So, the first step of a ship engagement is when you see another ship on your contacts, for this example, we'll assume this is a pirate (an NPC AI-guided ship). These will typically be easier to combat than another ship. One thing to bare in mind, is if you're within a certain range (I think 60 squares, but not 100% sure) people will be able to "hear" your ship firing ts weapons.

So, once an enemy (pirate or player) ship appears on your contacts, to engage it, the first thing to do is type; "lock <identifier>", in the contacts example above the ships identifier is "WC" so you would type "lock WC". Once "locked" the ship you've specified will be the one your weapons fire upon, until you lock a different target.

Once a target is locked, you then need to set the orientation of your ship so that the weapons you want to fire are facing your target, then it's a simple matter of typing "fire <weapon-number/side>". Some people use "fire fore" or "fire rear" or "fire port" or "fire starboard" to activate their weapons, my personal preference is to use weapon numbers. You can see the number assigned to the weapon by typing "look ship".

Another tip is to setup aliases for firing your weapons, I tend to setup a "fireall" alias that fires all of my weapons in sequence, I use this if I'm turning my ship during a fight and I don't want to spend time looking at the contacts list to determine which side is facing the enemy target.

To "win" the fight vs the enemy ship, you have one of two options, immobilize the enemy and sail away, not sensible against pirates, but if being chased by enemies and concerned about reinforcements arriving you may want to immobilize your opponent and then run. The other option is to actually sink your enemy, this means the enemy ship (if it is a player) is destroyed and will need to be rebuilt before the player can sail again.

To immobilize the enemy ship, all you need to do is reduce a single sides armor and hull condition to zero, once this is done the ship will no longer be able to move, and if it is a player ship they will need to "anchor" to attempt repairs.

To SINK the enemy ship, you need to reduce at least TWO sides armor and hull condition to zero, once this is done the ship will start sinking, player ships will sink a lot faster than pirate ships.

To see the condition of the enemy ship, simply type "scan <identifier>" this will show you a status report of the enemy target along with its weapons layout.

Remember when fighting an enemy ship, if your hull/armor becomes dangerously low, it's advisable to turn so that a side with higher armor and hull condition faces your opponent. I like to "balance" my guns on skirmisher classes so that I can fire from both my port and starboard sides, some people prefer to load all their guns on one side so that they inflict maximum damage when firing, the downside to doing it this way, is the side with weapons can become vulnerable if you constantly have to orient it towards enemy fire.

That's pretty much it! You should have a good grasp of what to do in ship combat now, get out there and cargo some pirates for practice!