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Clerics utilize the powers given to them on behalf of the Gods to keep themselves
and their party members alive. In addition, they have a large assortment of
protection spells to allow the members of their groups to take less damage,
making your job as a healer easier. Certain races are allowed to specialize.
The Zealot is a fierce (un)holy warrior that gains offensive spells and skills.
The Healer is a master of the healing arts. The Holyman has been graced by the
Gods to shield their body and soul with (un)holy wards.

While the primary nature of a Cleric is to protect and heal his party members,
he does have enough limited offensive spells to keep his adventuring life
diversified. Clerics have access to planar travel (Plane Shift), Word of Recall
and the powerful Resurrect spells.

==Equipment usage==
Like all classes on Duris, Clerics have their own specific item restrictions.
They are restricted in their use of weapons, mainly using maces, clubs and
staves. Some exceptions are allowed, however. They can wear almost any type of

==See also==
* Cleric Skills
* Pray

==Allowed races==
*Drow Elf
*Grey Elf
*Kuo Toa

==Innate abilities==
god call
'*' Designates passive ability.



The Zealot Cleric focuses on damage, with the Fighter skill "Offense" and
the ability to call upon the God of Tempus to infuse them with power. Their
offensive nature allows them to be extremely adept at fighting, particularly
raiding. Their God also has the ability to empower the cleric as he is fighting
his foes, restoring his spells in combat.

; 31st level: 1h bludgeon (enhanced) 2h bludgeon (enhanced)
Dodge (enhanced) 1h flaying
; 51st level: Double Attack

==Innate Abilities==
; 30th level: Godcall

; 3rd circle: Disease
; 4th circle: Poison
; 6th circle: Wither, Virtue
; 7th circle: Protection from undead
; 8th circle: Banish
; 11th circle: Plague
; 12th circle: Battletide

A Healer is a specialized Cleric with the most healing spells of any Cleric.
They have the ability to call upon their own God to improve the healing within
their entire group. And they can apply a "Healing Salve" to a victim to save
their life. As their skill in healing and bond with their deity grows stronger
all healing spells will gain potency truly making them masters of the healing

==Innate Abilities==
; 30th level: godcall

==Casting Abilities==
; 6th circle: Healing Salve
; 7th circle: Endurance
; 8th circle: Regeneration
; 11th circle: Group Heal
; 12th circle: Aura of Rebirth

The Pastor is a specialized Cleric that is a master of defensive
capabilities. He has the ability to invoke his God to calm certain
monsters that are aggressive, as needed. The command is innate god
self. And under the effects of the Lesser Sanctuary and Virtue
spells, the Pastor will take less physical damage than normal. When
under the protection of a soulshield, it is said that divine things
may happen.

==Innate Abilities==
; 30th level: God Call

; 8th circle: Virtue
; 11th circle: Lesser Sanctuary
; 12th circle: Prayer

================Base Class Skills============[]

Cleric skills
The following is a list of all skills and spells available to the Cleric class:

; 1st level: 1h bludgeon, 2h bludgeon, Age Corpse, Bandage, Carve,
Clerical Spell Knowledge, Climb, Dodge, First Aid,
Fishing, Meditate, Mine, Mount, Quick Chant, Retreat,
Shield Block, Swim

; 1st circle: Armor, Bless, Cause Light, Cure Light, Detect Evil,
Detect Good, Detect Magic, Turn Undead
; 2nd circle: Blindness, Cause Serious, Cure Serious, Preserve,
Protection from Cold, Protection from Fire, Slow Poison,
Word of Command
; 3rd circle: Cause Critical, Cure Blind, Cure Critical, Dispel Evil,
Dispel Good, Earthquake, Remove Poison, Sense Life
; 4th circle: Cure Disease, Protection from Acid, Protection from Evil,
Protection from Gas, Protection from Good, Invigorate
Protection from Lightning, Remove Curse, Summon
; 5th circle: Destroy Undead, Heal, Soulshield, Vitality
; 6th circle: Continual Light, Curse, Darkness, Fear, Flame Strike,
Harm, Negative Energy Barrier
; 7th circle: Full Heal, Lesser Resurrect, Water Breathing
; 8th circle: Dispel Magic, Mass Heal
; 9th circle: Holy Word, Plane Shift, Silence, Unholy Word,
Word of Recall, Resurrect
; 10th circle: Accelerated Healing, Full Harm
; 11th circle: Group Recall, Mass Preserve, True Seeing
; 12th circle: Miracle

==============Tips and Tricks==========[]

1. Use glance to look at peoples relative health levels while praying, it has a chance to not break your meditate!

2. If you use ZMud pipe the "group" command to a seperate window so you dont have to stare at spam to find your heal target.

3. To make your life easier try to create a vit trigger which will cast vitality on each player in the group, otherwise you will be typing it by hand on 10 people.