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Original Diku Creators[]

DikuMUD is a multiplayer text-based role-playing game, which is a type of MUD. It was written in 1990 and 1991 at DIKU (Datalogisk Institut Københavns Universitet) — the department of computer science at the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Sebastian Hammer <email quinn@freja.diku.dk>
  • Michael Seifert <emailseifert@freja.diku.dk>
  • Hans Henrik Staerfeldt <email bombman@freja.diku.dk>
  • Tom Madsen <email noop@freja.diku.dk>
  • Katja Nyboe <email katz@freja.diku.dk>

Pre-Split Sojourn Code[]

Sojourn was a MUD founded in 1993. During its lifespan, it was regarded as a leading source of innovation and content creation. At its height, it was extremely popular and content-rich. It was based on the Sequent derivative of the DikuMUD codebase.

  • Gond
  • Nebelun
  • Brandobarius
  • Proteus
  • Torm
  • Mookie
  • Pizza
  • Rillifane
  • Miax
  • Cython
  • Requiem

Copyright 1993-1995 - Sojourn Systems, Ltd.

Original Duris[]

In 1995, due to creative differences between developers, Sojourn was forked into two projects, TorilMUD and Duris: Land of Bloodlust.

  • Duris Code: Tavril, Foo, Fafhrd, Io, Stravag, Primus, Cython, Timken, Alyx, Krov, Tasfalen, Ilienze, Torgal
  • Duris Areas: Tripod, Orcus, Cython, Ilienze, Sniktiorg, Xueqin, Clavados, Jera, Melkivar, Paradox, Astansus
  • Help Files: Osrell, Lowkie
  • Duris Web Site: Torgal
  • Creator of Custom DE Editor: Tavril

Copyright 1995, 1996 - Duris Systems, Ltd.

Current Duris[]

In 2000, after a brief haitus of four years, Duris was resurrected by a new team in an attempt to keep history alive.

  • Duris Currently Run By: Torgal
  • Duris Coders: Torgal, Odorf, Lom, Venthix, Alver, Jexni
  • Duris Areas Group: Aliera, Seif, Jexni, Fotenak
  • Caretakers of Custom DE Editor: Tharkun, Venthix
  • Duris Server and Machine: Torgal
  • Duris Site provided by: Torgal
  • Duris Quest Creators: Fotenak, Seif, Jexni
  • Duris Help Files: Jexni, Venthix, Aliera, Kitsero
  • Duris Zone Credits: Jexni
  • Duris Website: http://www.durismud.com
  • Website run by: Torgal

Copyright 2000 thru 2012 - Duris Mud Project

Legal Hoodoo[]

Zones created for Duris: Land of BloodLust become the sole property of:

Duris: Land of BloodLust and The Duris Mud Project

DurisMUD and Duris: Land of BloodLust are registered trademarks of:

The Duris Mud project.