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Desolate / Desolate Under Fire[]

Written by Alachest[]

Desolate Zone Info: 20 - 50 (Avg. Mob Level: 33)Edit[]

Desolate Under Fire Zone Info: 20 - 50 (Avg. Mob Level: 39)Edit[]

Desolate Under Fire is a rareload mirror of the Desolate zone, that is also an epic zone. An easy way to determine if the epic zone has loaded is the smouldering willow trees near the enterance, as vs the standard load willow trees. In Desolate Under Fire, the road to the epics (the Master's Test) contains a lot of aggro mobile mobs.[]
Connects to: Surface Realm of Duris (Good Continent)[]
Named Equipment:  6 pieces = Stoneskin (see Named Equipment ) Desolote zone only[]

Zone Map:[]



Desolate under fire

Desolate Under Fire