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Help File[]



Devoted magic user types have a small (9% max) chance to please their diety so much so that their spell 

is cast without cost. Such devotion to the higher powers also makes it possible (12% max) for these 

players to "cast double offense spells"(Holy Offensive Spells Only). 

Allowable Races: 

* Human

* Orc 

Zone Information[]

Zone Name: Southern Coastal Highway (same zone marker as Mir Forest)

Average mob level in zone: 20

Directions to Teacher[]

From one inside the zone entering from the eastern entrance on zone marker

12 west - you should be standing on Xalinor

5 south

all east (through two doors)

Mob Information[]

The Bishop is good friends with King Mrotha. His robes are a bright white, the edges are sown with gold and silver lining. His hat is long and round, and the symbol of the cross is sown in. The Bishop looks at you with disgust. At the moment, you are a fly in his soup, so to speak. He stretches out his arm towards you. Apparently, he wants you to kiss his ring.

The Bishop appears to be Human and is in excellent condition.

He's medium in size.

He seems to be moving much faster than normal..

<primary weapon>     an anti-orc scimitar [poor] (magic)

<held>               the cross of blessed death (magic)

Skill Cost (First Notch)[]

Welcome, traveller!

I am pleased that you have wandered so far in order to seek my assistance.

There are few adventurers willing to seek out the knowledge of devotion.

It will cost you 200 epic points and 3000 platinum.