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Dimension Door/Spirit Jump/Shadow Travel Target Paths.[]

So, if you happen to play a class with a short-range travel spell (Sorc/Conj/Necro/Reaver/Shaman/Illusionist), you'll be able to quickly and simply get around the map. The way to do this is to cast your movement spell to the target specified in the "path" in sequence.

Please Note: Your success using these "Paths" will depend heavily on your range for the movement spell... The best ranged classes are Shadowmage (Sorcerer) or Spiritualist (Shaman).

Evil Continent to Khomeini-Kahn (can also be done in reverse).[]

Starting from QQ zone/dock... Bilerthro->2.Pootata->Wilms->Archazel->Sinuuk->Golgotha (can also hit Dalvik depending on your range).

Evil Continent to Undead Continent[]

Starting from QQ zone/dock... Bilerthro->2.Pootata->Wilms->Archazel->Durka or Frzzt or even Nightcrawler (If the NC's are still alive).

Evil Continent to Ice Crag[]

Starting from North of Arlik's Inn (west of Sarmiz)... Dim to Moldug.

Good Continent to Evil Continent[]

Starting by the "Tree-Huggers" zone (the zone west of OT by the road), Spirit jump to quartermaster or Blierthro.