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The epics needed to progress past level 46 are as follows...

  • 47: 16
  • 48: 32
  • 49: 65
  • 50: 125

You can gain these points from either finding and touching the many runestones and monoliths hidden about the land, or by tasting the blood of your enemies. The epic points will accumulate, and once you reach a certain amount you will gain a skill point. Skill points can be used for several things in the realms, most notably the advancement of epic skills. From level 47 to 50, when you have enough experience and epic points you will advance in level when you touch any epic stone. From level 51 onwards, you must seek out a specific stone for that level. For multi-classed characters, leveling past 51 will require 2 times the amount of epic points to attain.

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