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Help Article[]

This epic ability causes the character to become much tougher, enabling him or her to increase their constitution beyond the limits imposed by the Gods. This ability is taught by a smiling dwarf in a city near the Rhanale Forest.

Zone Information[]

Zone Name: City of Torrhan

Average mob level in zone: 42

Mob Information[]

Room Name: The Foundry


  1. Enter Zone Marker on Map from South
  2. From entrance go 10 N, E

Mob Name: Dimples showing, Thurdorf grins happily here.

Look Mob: This dwarf has a perpetual smile across his face, either he is very friendly or has had a little too much ale. He beams widely, looking at the room proudly. His clothing blends in quite well with the surrounding objects, his attire consisting of a bright, silver shirt with shiny little beads dangling from the sleeves.

He smiles toothily at you and says, "Take a look around my shop! Or perhaps if you have any old brass, silver, or gold objects that could use a good polish?"


Welcome, traveller!

I am pleased that you have wandered so far in order to seek my assistance. There are few adventurers willing to seek out the knowledge of epic constitution.

It will cost you 50 epic points and 500 platinum.

Practice Message[]