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Help Article - Epic skills[]

Epic skills are a series of skills that can be enhanced through advanced learning.  In order to gain these skills a player would need to seek out a special teacher and provide him payment in the form of epic skill points and platinum.  A list of the available epic skills and the teachers who can provide them can be found by typing 'epic skills'.  Further details, including zone information, can be found by typing help <epic skill name>. Epic skills can be notched in parts or maxed out in one visit based on how many skill points/platinum coins a player is willing or able to spend at one time.  

Help Article - Epic skill cost[]

Epic skills can be purchased from teachers throughout the realms using a combination of epics and platinum coins.  The cost is measured out in units of epic+plat, and scaled as such: notches 1-3 = 1 unit/notch notches 4-6  = 2 units/notch notches 7-9 = 3 units/notch notch 10 = 4 units.

This is a total of 22 notches (1+1+1+2+2+2+3+3+3+4=22) to notch a skill from zero to 100%

Epic Skills Table[]

Skill Name Teacher Zone Cost (1st Notch) Mud Help Article?
Advanced Meditation Father Tel Father Tel's Holy Cloister 25E 250P Yes
Epic Agility Grellinar, the high ranger Darkfall Forest Yes
Anatomy Dr. Fester High Moor Forest Yes
Chant Mastery Aerlyn The Dark Stone Tower of the Northern Realms 75E 750P Yes
Epic Charisma Frolikk Temple of the Sun Yes
Epic Constitution Thurdorf City of Torrhan 50E 500P Yes
Devastating Critical Archazel Behemoth Herders Yes
Devotion the Bishop Southern Coast Highway 200E, 3000P Yes
Epic Dexterity the captain of the Ceothian Guard Ceothia Yes
Empower Song Nonstros, the cloud giant bard Cloud Giant Kingdom Yes
Enchant not currently available -- Yes
Encrust Snent, the vegabond alchemist Divine Home 100E, 1000P Yes
Expert Parry Bemon, the Crusader Lizardman Swamps of Clavikord Yes
Expert Riposte Rolart the death knight Obsidian Citadel Yes
Fix the city smithy Stormport 50E 500P Yes
Improved Endurance Eriic The Desert City of Venan'Trut 100E 1000P Yes
Improved Listen Halfcut Hills Yes
Improved Shield Combat

Kurlon, the mercenary of endless battles

Arcium Yes
Improved Track Keebo, The Great Hunter Shirak and Smokeveil Forest Yes
Improved Two Weapon Fighting Ihsahn, the drow swashbuckler Domain of Lost Souls No
Indomitable Rage Tibornor, the dwarven leader The Kingdom of Torg Yes
Infuse Life the ghost of Gilman Quintaragon, Conjurer The Quintaragon Castle 50E 500P Yes
Infuse Magical Device Deathium Ultarium Yes
Epic Intelligence the undead wizard New Cave City Yes
Jin Touch a very old monk Twin Towers No
Ki Strike the prison chaplain Prisons of Carpathia No
Epic Luck Babedo Forest City of Aravne Yes
Natures Sanctity Azalea the High Druid Enclave of the Opal Phoenix Yes
Natures Ruin Shezeera Arcaneum of L'Srillizzin Yes
Epic Power Ezallixxel Ixxilikor Yes
Scribe Mastery a wizened drow Arachdrathos Guild Yes
Shield Combat Kurlon, the mercenary of endless battles Arcium Yes
Ship Damage Control a leather-hided headless commodore Zalkapfaan No
Silent Spell Karig Gwynhar, the wolfen archmage The Lost Realms of Shadowfall 50E 500P Yes
Smelt Carmotee Du'Maathe Castle Yes
Sneaky Strike Osmirim, the dark rogue Dark Stone Tower of the Northern Realms Yes
Spatial Focus the elder brain Ixxillikor Yes
Spell Penetration Lord Nymav K'haar, Enchanter of the SabreTooth Grin Clan Keep of Evil Yes
Spellbind not currently available Yes
Epic Strength Olat Bandit Canyons Yes
Summon Blizzard Mimir Jotunheim Yes
Summon Familiar the witch The Defense of Longhollow 50E 500P Yes
Totemic Mastery Ruffus Venan'Trut Yes
Toughness a bloody butcher Ceothia 50E 500P Yes
Two Weapon Fighting Ihsahn, the drow swashbuckler Domain of Lost Souls No
Epic Wisdom Chauseis, the high elf priestess Sunwell 50E 500P Yes