Duris Wiki

Evil Specalization Teachers
Class Spec Name Location
Anti-Paladin Dark Knight Vlu'rruq
Anti-Paladin Demonic Rider Morthreck
Bard Minstrel Jerastras
Bard Scoundrel Fnoth
Bard Disharmonist Bwizx
Berserker Mauler Ruukoz
Berserker Ragelord Boq
Cleric Holyman
Cleric Healer
Cleric Zealot
Conjurer Earth Magus Skevv Was found south of the Troll connector on EC.
Conjurer Water Magus Skarvv Far east section of Evil Continent.
Conjurer Fire Magus Skuvv
Conjurer Air Magus Skivv Far east section of Evil Continent. Best to dim to Skarvv and then from Skarvv dim to Skivv. To get back, reverse the process.
Dreadlord Deathlord Koztk
Dreadlord Shadowlord Szezt
Ethermancer Windtalker Orethma On the continent of Khonami-Khan.
Ethermancer Frost Magus Kwarooe
Ethermancer Cosmomancer Thuu
Illusionist Dark Dreamer Ugreth
Illusionist Magician Thoemaa
Mercenary Bounty Hunter Myrkt
Mercenary Brigand Lloj
Necromancer Diabolis Kjrell
Necromancer Necrolyte Theralana Sipriss
Necromancer Reaper Screcksis
Psionicist Pyrokinetic Xixxrelaa Found anywhere in the area between these landmarks: From Sarmiz west to Arlik's Inn, north to Torg's, east to the connector leading to Faang/Shady Grove, and back South to Sarmiz.
Psionicist Enslaver K'vi'shiiu
Psionicist Psycheporter Zjojth
Reaver Shock Reaver Snudk
Reaver Ice Reaver Vacket
Reaver Flame Reaver Silurilith
Rogue Thief Tylck
Rogue Assassin Spuzz
Rogue Shadow Archer Dreikk
Shaman - Suulod Found in Storm Port along the Aqueduct
Shaman Elementalist
Shaman Spiritualist
Shaman Animalist
Sorcerer Wizard Iu
Sorcerer Shadowmage Be'tre
Sorcerer Wildmage Zroz
Summoner Mentalist Gadak
Summoner Naturalist Lenus
Summoner Controller Onoman
Warrior Guardian Gurthuz
Warrior Swordsman Urghegg
Warrior Swashbuckler Feqt