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Help Article[]

Fix allows the user to repair damaged equipment. Many players find over time their equipment from zones or PvP gets damaged. The fix skill is very useful to the enterprising adventurer who does not feel the need to spend their own money on repairing equipment.

Zone Information[]

Zone Name: Stormport

Average mob level in zone:

Mob Information[]

Room Name: The Foundry


  1. Enter Zone Marker on Map from South
  2. From entrance go 2 E, 2 N, E

Mob Name: The city smithy, works hard in the foundry, shaping metal.

Look Mob: This burly orc works in front of the foundry's forge, constantly hammering at metal, shaping it into its desired shape. He occasionally shouts orders at his assistants, but generally seems to focused on his own work to care what others are doing.


Welcome, traveller!

I am pleased that you have wandered so far in order to seek my assistance. There are few adventurers willing to seek out the knowledge of fix.

It will cost you 50 epic points and 500 platinum.

Practice Message[]

The city smithy takes you aside and teaches you the finer points of fix.

You feel your skill in fix improving.

Skill Message[]


<worn around wrist> a golden bracelet encrusted with diamonds (magic) [83%]

remove bracelet

You stop using a golden bracelet encrusted with diamonds.

fix bracelet

You must have a bent gold scrap in your inventory to repair that item.

get bent backpack

You get a bent gold scrap from a large leather backpack.

fix bracelet

You fiddle with a golden bracelet encrusted with diamonds, fixing it quickly!