Duris Wiki

As you gain levels, you will find that a "Group" will be needed to progress further in Duris. In order to form a group, first you must find other players to group with. Once you have all gotten together in one place and are ready to go, a leader must be selected. All players must "Consent" the leader to be part of the group by typing "consent <leadername>". The leader can now toggle group membership for each player by typing "group <playername>". In addition, if all potential group members are consented to and following the group leader, he can type "group all" to automatically group anyone who is not already grouped. When a person groups others, he is automatically included in the group as the group leader.

For example, Fizzwig and Oinkoink wish to form a group with Manwich.

Fizzwig and Oinkoink consent Manwich by typing:

     consent manwich

Manwich accepts the new members into the group by typing:

     group fizzwig

     group oinkoink

Or, alternately, Manwich can type:

     group all

If Manwich types "group fizzwig" after Fizzwig has already been accepted into the group, Fizzwig will be kicked out of the group. If a group member, including the group leader, types "group me", they will be removed from the group and the next player down the group list will automatically become the leader. Typing "group" with no argument will show you a list of people in the group and their health and movement.

Grouping offers important benefits like the following:

  1. When grouped, frags are divided among the grouped players. This allows classes that are primarily defensive in nature, cleric for instance, to benefit from the frag system.
  1. The effect of trophy is averaged amongst group members. If you are at "boring" trophy status, and you group with a friend who has never visited the zone, the zone trophy experienced by the group will be the average of your trophy, and your friends. It's a good idea to group with those who haven't done the zone your in as it will increase the XP you gain.
  1. Experience is not shared when you and your friends kill a monster. In other words, if you kill a monster on your own and receive 1000 xp, you still receive 1000 xp if you kill the same monster with five other group members. However, if there are too many people in your group and you exceed the "group cap," you will not receive this favourable arrangement. Note that grouped pets do not add to the group cap.

If you find yourself in need of a group, you may implement the "Group Needed" toggle. The social command Beckon is sometimes used by players to request a person to follow and consent.