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Class Guides[]

The following classes form the basic professions of the players of Duris. The links show the in-game help files giving the basics of each of the listed classes. Some caster classes (those that require spellbooks and teachers from whom to learn their spells) do not readily have access to teachers of their own and must scribe their spells from teachers of other classes who also utilize those spells.

At level 30 and above, players may choose to seek out a teacher to convert their classes from the basic forms to a more specialized version. Specialization gives a list of things from new innates to skills and/or spells.

Class List

Newbie Guides[]

The Newbie Guides are divided into sections to make them easier to navigate. Some of the guides are geared a little bit more toward lowbies than actual newbies, but the majority are as advertised.

General newbie guides include the following:

Ice Crag related guides are here:

Underdark related guides are:

  • Myconid Forest Passage - A guide that shows a quick passage from the Khildarak area to the vicinity of Ixarkon.

Race Guide[]

Races and Character Stats - Tables and Details on all the playable races, and an explanation on how statistics impact your gameplay

Epic Zone Guides[]

Raiding Guides[]

Sailing guides[]

Ship Types - Types of Ships available on Duris and a brief explanation on them.

Cargo and Ship Battles - Information on trading and sailing with Cargo, and how to Fight Pirates or other enemies with your ship.

Artifacts, Uniques and Iouns[]

Artifacts, Uniques and Iouns - Tables and Details on all the known artifacts, and an explanation what they are, how they work and how to use them.