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Hes donated this to the Duris Forums where he noted he got it from Darkward's website a decade ago. He also points out that it can be modified to work for Bard's instruments. Once your variables are defined, the only thing you need to get used to is writing your spell aliases to fit the format listed below. Failure to do so will result in an alias that doesn't check to see if the proper totem/instrument is equiped.

Step 1: Set up variables for each of your instruments/totems and another variable for what you are currently holding.


#VAR Spirit quartz

#VAR Element obsidian

#VAR Animal bear

#VAR Held bear

Step 2: Write your aliases using the #IF function to choose what to do depending upon if the @Held variable matches the correct instrument/totem or not.


#ALIAS sarm {#IF @Held=@Spirit {cast 'spirit armor' %1} {rem @Held;hold @Spirit;#VAR Held @Spirit;cast 'spirit armor' %1}}

#ALIAS ms {#IF @Held=@Element {cast 'molten spray' %-1} {rem @Held;hold @Element;#VAR Held @Element;cast 'molten spray' %-1}}

#ALIAS sle {#IF @Held=@Flute {play sleep} {rem @Held;hold @Flute;#VAR Held @Flute;play song of sleep}}

#ALIAS fli {#IF @Held=@Horn {play flight} {rem @Held;hold @Horn;#VAR Held @Horn;play song of flight}}