Duris Wiki

This set of triggers will echo the results of casting identity in an emote for all to see.
It has an variable which can be set to true or false to let you decide if you want to spam everyone or not.
Use command 'setechostats true' to turn it on.

  1. CLASS {Identify}
    #ALIAS setechostats {
    #var ECHOSTATS %1
    #VAR ECHOSTATS {false} {false}
    #TRIGGER {(*) weighs * pounds and is worth roughly *} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote STATS FOR: %1}}
    #REGEX {The following abilities are granted when using this item:\n(.*)} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote %1}}
    #REGEX {^\s\s(\w+)\sby\s(.+)$} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote %1 %2}}
    #TRIGGER {You cannot seem to glean any information about that item.} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote Can't get any info about this thing!}}
    #TRIGGER {You magically sense that the damage dice for this weapon are '(*)'} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote damage dice %1}}
    #TRIGGER {The item is (*)} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote it is %1}}
    #TRIGGER {This item appears (*)} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote it %1}}
    #TRIGGER {It appears to be a (*) with (%d) out of (%d) charges left} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote apparently it is %1 with %2 / %3 charges left}}
    #TRIGGER {level (%d) spell ~"(*)~"} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote grants level %1 spell %2}}
    #TRIGGER {You feel as if there is something more to a} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote there's more, but it won't reveal to me! bastards!}}
    #TRIGGER {This item appears to be imbued with some magic beyond your comprehension!} {#IF (@echostats == "true") {emote there's more, but it won't tell me! bastards!}}
    #CLASS 0