Duris Wiki

Immortals/Gods are people who have obtained level 57 or above. They should be respected for donating their time and energy into making the game a better place to play. Immortals will adhere to these rules to the best of their ability (situations and human nature not withstanding).

  • Immortals cannot give out information such as: statistics of a player, statistics of items or other private information.
  • Immortals cannot give away objects or equipment, unless mitigating circumstances (such as a quest) come into play and are discussed with other immortals.
  • They must not use their immortal to gather information later used on their mortal (Any immortal who actively plays the game is limited in commands so as not to tempt them).

Nobody likes rules, but we need them to keep the game fun and interesting. Most immortals can be reached at <immortalname>@durismud.com.