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This page contains world, hometown, and zone maps organized by continental region (not zone type).  The names used reflect the Sniktiorg world map labels.

Maps by Classification[]

Maps by Classification - This page contains a listing of maps based on their classifications rather than their locales.

World Maps[]

These maps reflect the currect atlases used on Duris.  The surface is comprised of many continents:  the Goodie continent, Evil continent, Icecrag, Shaboath, Venan'trut, Dragonnia, the Jade Empire, Undead continent, Boyard Island, Khonami-Khan, and Evermeet.  While Evermeet is technically it's own subcontinent (noticeable due to it's large amount of forests), it is connected to the goodie continent and one can walk easily between the two.

Duris Surface Maps (Sniktiorg Version)

The Mountain Peaks of Shanatar are controlled from Alatorin, and can be found in the northwestern mountains of Icecrag.  While not big, it is a dangerous area for the unexperienced.

Mountain Peaks of Shanatar Map

The Underdark is a confusing place of crisscrossing passages, hidden tunnels, and dangerous creatures.  It is, however, possible to walk between most of the surface continents by navigating the Underdark.  While not technically a continent, the Underdark IS larger than most of the 'actual' continents.  The Underdark may also be considered different from all the other continents because it can be considered a connector continent; that is it links up to most of the other continents.  It is filled with dangerous monstrosities and as such is not generally safe for travel by lower level characters.


The Nautical map is useful to sailors as it gives the relative position of the various surface continents in relation to the degrees of a compass.  While not an accurate depiction of Duris as a world, it is highly effective in helping would-be mariners to cross the whale-road.


Home Towns[]

Goodie Continent[]




Undead Continent[]

Evil Continent[]


Assorted (Elemental Planes/Islands etc.)[]