Duris Wiki

Guide by Tirin

  • Hide is a great way to escape, but it does not max at 100 and many people have sense life.
  • Tackle is a take down skill that works on your size and one up and down. Tackle also works on water. Tackle is level based so it's harder to land it against a higher level person. Tackle can be maxed at 100. Against people with aware equipment, its harder to tackle. Tackle has a good chance to stun your target. If you start a fight with tackle you have a chance of tackling your target and yourself out of the room. If you tackle someone who is already on the ground, you will miss and be lagged as thought you had tackled them.
  • Headbutt works on the same size and 1 down. This skill will lag your target and do a small amount of damage against players. Against mobs it can do a lot of damage especially at lower levels. Headbutt has a small chance to stun and even to knock them out but at low levels it's more likely to knock you out. When something is stunned it takes a lot more damage and when its knocked out they can't fight back. Headbutt does not work on water. Maxes at 100.
  • Throat crush will lag your target for a very short time and yourself for a long time. It will also stop them from casting for like 2 seconds. It works same size one up and one down. It does not work on water. Maxes at 100.
  • Backstab for mercs can reach as high as 100 damage, or more...
  • You can dual wield and still tackle.
  • Capture maxes at 100 and is very difficult to notch. You need a rope in your hands and can only use it on people. This skill will knock your target down and tie them up. They can't get up or run away. You can then drag them where you want. Its level based so its hard as hell to capture higher level people and some people can break the bonds easily. The lag on this command is immense for a mercenary and you can die easily trying to capture people.
  • Switch target is a skill that you don't get till 51.
  • Grappling keeps your opponent from fleeing.