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Minor Creation is a spell given to most Mage classes early on.


Area of effect: <object>

Aggressive: No

Cumulative: N/A

Duration: Permanent

Type of spell: Summoning

This is a very handy spell, allowing the caster to create items such as barrels, lanterns, bags, etc. on the spot. It also allows the caster to create most "newbie" items that most players begin the game with.

Some keywords for common equipment are:

Keyword Item
Backpack, BP A Leather Backpack
Bag A Small Bag
Bandage A Small Bandage
Barrel A Water Barrel
Bottle A Beer Bottle
Lantern A Lantern (Light Source)
Raft A Wooden Raft (For !Swin/!Ocean Water Rooms)

Some keywords for common armor are:

Keyword Item
Boots A Pair of Leather Boots
Bronze A Bronze-colored Bracer (Wear Wrist)
Cloak Cloak (About Body)
Helm A Leather Helm (Wear Head)
Leather Warrior On Body Armor
Leggings Leather Leggings
Sash A Sash (Wear Belt)
Scarf A Light Blue Scarf (Wear Neck)
Shield A Small Round Wooden Shield
Slippers A Pair of Slippers (Caster Foot Wear)

Some keywords for common weapons are:

Keyword Item
Mace A Wooden Mace
Steel, Dagger A Steel Dagger
Stone, Warhammer A Stone Warhammer
Sword A Steel Bastard Sword
Two-handed A Two-handed Sword

Some keywords for common caster items are:

Keyword Item
Bear A Firwood Bear Totem (Shaman Only - Mid-circle Animal Spells)
Book, Spellbook A Spellbook
Obsidian A Squat Obsidian Totem (Shaman Only - Mid-circle Elemental Spells)
Ivory An Ivory Totem (Shaman Only - Low-circle Spiritual spells)
Jerkin Mage On Body Armor
Quartz A Marbled Quartz Totem (Shaman Only - Mid-circle Spiritual Spells)
Quill A Quill for Scribing

Some keywords for common rogue items are:

Keyword Item
Lockpicks A Set of Lockpicks
Potion Empty Potion Bottle