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Moonshae Islands[]

Written by Lathander[]

Zone Info: 1 - 50 (Avg. Mob Level: 24)

Connects to:

Lyrath Forest (Avg. Mob Level: 4)[]
Myrloch Vale (Avg. Mob Level: 40)[]
Surface Realm of Duris (Good Continent)[]
The Underworld b (Avg. Mob Level: 38)[]
Firbolg quest:[]
  • east of palace is an evil spirit.. kill spirit get robe of ether (location (5)
  • take robe to Brigit and she gives you orb (wanders)
  • orb is key ot firbolgs hideout
  • enter firbolgs and hunt down leader firbolg foreman (location (1))
  • foreman has bracelet of roots and crown of leafs
  • search and find lost sword of cymrch hugh
  • take sword to Tristan (right nest to brigit in palace, location (4)) and he gives you scarlet ring

Zone Map:

Moonshae island

Moonshae Island