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Myrabolus []

Written by Alachest[]
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Myrabolus Quest One:


  • Kill Michal, search corpse and get half keystone
  • Search crashsite of fallen spelljammer for secret entrance, invis before enter, search crate, get head
  • Give head to Roland (go visible first) to recieve parchment
  • Dim door to Markam and give parchment, recieve second half of keystone
  • Dim Andryn and give him both halfes of keystone, recieve keystone
  • Enter palace of trilords, search out hidden entrance (up) unlock withkeystone then send a pet up, enter get all, run out of palace and lock door.

Rewards: Mask, Armor and a pair of slippers.  (this may be dated as the last time I did this was 2003.)

Zone Map:[]

Myrabolus Zone Map