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Paladins are holy warriors that are dedicated to their gods and to bring
good to the world. The must remain good at all times, otherwise they fall from
grace and become a regular warrior.

Although they themselves are hearty fighters, they prefer to rally the
forces around them and lead them into battle. As a reward for their virtue
and chivalry, they are granted limited clerical powers, which includes the
ability to heal. Paladins gain to-hit and damage bonuses with wielding two-
handed swords.

Paladins receive a considerable XP bonus for slaying evil race beings, and an
immense XP penalty for slaying those of good alignment.

Although they are less skilled than a pure Warrior, they are by far the best
horsemen in the world. They have an innate bonus to all saving throws and always
detect evil and good. The gods grant Paladins the power to lay hands that heals
the target. As the Paladin gains level, the amount of healing increases.

With their innate Paladin auras, they are also able to bestow beneficial
effects on everyone in their group.

Once they reach their 50th level, Paladins are also able to Ascend and follow
the path of the Avenger or Lightbringer.

==Equipment usage==
Paladins are permitted to use a wide variety of weapons and armor, ranging from
full platemail to massive two-handed swords.

* Paladins are prohibited from "toggling vicious" or setting AGGR on, as this
goes against all their training and principles.
* Paladins must always have a good alignment.

==See also==
* Alignment
* Ascend
* Paladin Skills

==Allowed races==

==Innate abilities==
summon mount (obtained at level 8)
lay hands
aura_of_precision (obtained at level 10)
aura_of_battlelust (obtained at level 45)
aura_of_endurance (obtained at level 15)
aura_of_improved_healing (obtained at level 30)
'*' Designates passive ability.



The Crusader Paladin conducts a holy war against evil in all of its form.
His main focus is on dealing damage to those foul creatures, possessing the
added ability to "Skewer" their enemies more effectively than their
unspecialized bretheren. Due to their hatred of evil, they are especially
effective at purging it from the world.

==Innate Abilities==
; 30th level: Holy Crusade

; 30th level: Smite Evil
; 36th level: Improved Skewer

; 41st level: Divine Blessing
; 46th level: Holy Sacrifice

Cavaliers are the ultimate horsemen. When mounted upon a Pegasus, they
possess the ability to charge the enemy with their lance while nimbly
sidestepping attacks.

==Innate Abilities==
; 30th level: Knight

; 20th level: Guard (Enhanced)
; 31st level: Sidestep
; 41st level: Lance Charge

; 46th level: Holy Sacrifice

================Base Class Skills==========[]

Paladin skills
The following is a list of all skills and spells available to the Paladin class:

; 1st level: 2h bludgeon, 2h slashing, Bandage, Bash, Blindfighting, Carve, Climb, Dodge, Double Attack, First Aid, Fishing, Kick, Meditate, Mine, Mount, Parry, Quick Chant, Rescue, Retreat, Riposte, Swim, Unarmed Damage
; 10th level: Mounted Combat, Clerical Spell Knowledge
; 20th Level: Guard
; 36th level: Cleave
; 41st level: Skewer
; 51st level: Switch Opponents
; 56th level: Triple Attack

==Innate Abilities==
; 1st level: Lay Hands, Detect Evil, Detect Good, Aura of Protection
; 8th level: Summon Mount
; 10th level: Aura of Precision
; 15th level: Aura of Endurance
; 30th level: Aura of Improved Healing
; 45th level: Aura of Battle Lust

; 2nd circle: Bless
; 3rd circle: Armor, Cure Light, Protection from Evil
; 4th circle: Cure Blind, Dispel Evil, Remove Poison
; 5th circle: Cure Serious, Turn Undead, Invigorate
; 6th circle: Cure Critical, Remove Curse
; 7th circle: Destroy Undead, Soulshield
; 8th circle: Continual Light, Cure Disease, Heal
; 9th circle: Holy Word, Dharma
; 10th circle: Group Heal
; 11th circle: Accelerated Healing, Judgement, Sanctuary
; 12th circle: Righteous Aura