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Updated: 12Jun09

Psionicists are a class that has amazing control over their minds,
allowing them to master the hidden power of the mind itself. Psionicist
can use this power to advance their causes, whatever those may be. A
Psionicist must have an amazing power and intelligence. Their abilities
are similar to the alien Illithid Mindflayer.

==Equipment usage==
Psionicists have their own classification of item restrictions. While
they are somewhat limited in their choice of weapons or armor, they
can use almost all magical items.

Many brainless victims are unaffected by psionic spells.

==See also==
* Psionicist Skills

==Allowed races==

==Innate abilities==



Upon choosing the path of Pyrokinetic, the psionicist is imbued with the
willpower to manipulate the flame. Under the effect of such pure focus, he
or she can greatly reduce/negate the damage from any fire based attack, or
at higher levels, absorb it completely. Also, due to their superior focus,
they can channel the power of flames directly through their detonates,
making them much more deadly.

The flame mastery skill allows the psionicist to reduce or mitigate cold
damage done upon their fireshield.

; 41st level: Disperse Flames
; 46th level: Flame Mastery

==Innate Abilities==
; 30th level: Fireshield, Protection from Fire

; 7th circle: Improved Detonate
; 12th circle: Confuse, Fire Aura

When the Psionicist chooses this path, they regress into the ways of
their Illithid captors, and use their willpower to subjugate lesser
races to do their bidding. It is also rumored that they can use their
powers to further pry into their victim"s mind, causing some nasty
side effects.

* None

; 6th circle: Awe
; 12th circle: Spinal Corruption

==Innate Abilities==
; 41st level: Psychic Crush (improved)

Some Psionicists have grow bored with the inability to efficiently travel
between the planes. A small sect has chosen to enhance their transit abilities.
These astral travelers, or Psycheporters, have many means of improved transit
at their disposal. They have also learned a means to travel on their native
plane with little or no threat to themselves.

==Innate Abilities==
; 30th level: Astral Affinity
; 46th level: Spacial Focus

; 9th circle: Displacement
; 12th circle: Thought Beacon

================Base Class Skills========[]

Psionicist skills
The following is a list of all skills and spells available to the Psionicist class:

1st level: 1h bludgeon, 1h piercing, 2h bludgeon, Bandage,
Carve, Climb, Dodge, Fishing, Meditate,
Mine, Mount, Quick Chant, Retreat, Swim
36th level: Unarmed Damage

; 1st Circle: Adrenaline Control, Combat Mind, Ego Whip, Excogitate
; 2nd Circle: Ballistic Attack, Enhance Agility, Enhance Constitution,
Enhance Dexterity, Enhance Strength
; 3rd Circle: Aura Sight, Lend Health, Molecular Agitation
; 4th Circle: Ego Blast, Energy Containment, Flesh Armor
; 5th Circle: Inflict Pain
; 6th Circle: Cell Adjustment, Create Sound, Flight, Intellect Fortress
; 7th Circle: Detonate
; 8th Circle: Cannibalize, Ectoplasmic Form, Inertial Barrier,
Molecular Control
; 9th Circle: Ether Warp, Psychic Crush
; 10th Circle: Death Field, Wormhole
; 11th Circle: Biofeedback, Tower of Iron Will
; 12th Circle: Enrage