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Quests are given by mobs to players. Most often the quest will require the player to get an object or series of objects to bring back. Prizes can include money, items, keys or nothing at all. New to Duris is the bartender quest system.

Many bartenders throughout the realms of Duris are now able to assign you tasks, for a small fee, along with a map, for an even smaller fee. They are either a go kill quest or a go ask task. The go kills provide the name of the mob, how many of them you must kill, and what zone they reside in. The reward for such a quest is given to you upon returning to the bartender who sold it. Likewise, a go ask assignment provides the name of the mob, what they must be asked, and where they reside, but for this quest the reward is given there and it contains some money.

As you progress in level the quests will become more difficult and farther away. Potioned players must traverse the planes and sail the seas to reach their goal. Whichever quest you get will reward you with an item from the zone randomly, and some noticable experience. The quest may be shared only by the one who purchased it. That person may share it with four others, upon consent, who aren't too many levels below them or more than three levels above them. The map is personal, buy your own. Your quest will wait for your return should you decide to leave Duris.

The bartenders of Duris have spent much time and lots of money to provide quests and they are more than happy to share them with you, as long as, you make use of the information. Therefore they will charge large amounts of money to those who abandon their quests. All questing bartenders will line their pockets with funds from your laziness.

Notice you can do 6 quests per level up to lvl 50 and then you can do 3 quests per real life day. To use the Bartender Quest System find an appropriate bartender and use the following commands:

  • Ask Bartender Quest - Purchases a quest or rewards a go kill quest.
  • Ask Bartender Map - Purchases a map of the area surrounding the zone.
  • Ask Bartender Abandon - With enough cash this command will terminate your current quest.
  • Quest - Displays current quest, any progress made, and the map, if bought. For the purchaser, it also displays how many more times the quest may be shared.
  • Quest share <player> - Shares your quest with others, if you bought the quest.

Quests at level 56[]

Zones eligible for quest targets vary with your level, for example at 56 you can get:

  • The Shaughin Hunting Grounds
  • The Scorched Valley
  • Apocalypse Castle
  • Pit of Dragons
  • Temple of the Earth
  • The Battlefield
  • The Swamp Laboratory of Khul'Lor
  • The Mountain of the Banished
  • The Charcoal Palace
  • The Keep of Evil
  • The Realm of Barovia
  • The Realm of Barovia Continued
  • Valley of the Snow Ogres
  • Zalkapfaan, City of the Headless Horde
  • Githzerai Stronghold
  • The Fortress of Dreams
  • Ny'Neth
  • Ny'Neth's Stronghold
  • Ny'Neth's Stronghold Continued
  • Sea Kingdom
  • Sevenoaks
  • The Great Shaboath
  • The Tempest Court
  • Bahamut's Palace
  • Celestial Plane
  • Lost Temple of Tikitzopl
  • Dreggan Woods
  • Plane of Fire
  • Vecna's Tomb
  • Dragonnia
  • Plane of Earth
  • The Bronze Citadel
  • Ceothia
  • Plane of Water
  • Shadamehr Keep
  • The Githyanki Fortress