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Duris consists of a delicately balanced world in which the Good and Evil races battle one another in the endless pursuit of equipment, frags and more importantly, bragging rights. To make this possible, player killing (PK) is fully tolerated and is encouraged.

Players must be familiar with the rules of Duris.

The Good races consist of the following:

  • - Human
  • - Mountain Dwarf
  • - Centaur
  • - Halfling
  • - Gnome
  • - Half-Elf
  • - Grey Elf
  • - Githzerai
  • - Barbarian

The Evil races consist of the following:

  • - Orc
  • - Troll
  • - Ogre
  • - Goblin
  • - Duergar Dwarf
  • - Drow Elf
  • - Githyanki
  • - Orog

In addition, there are 2 neutral races. These two races are available to both racewars, and players are given the option of selecting which racewar they want to be aligned with.

The neutral races consist of the following:

  • - Minotaur
  • - Thri-kreen

When a player from either racewar kills the player of another racewar, the player is rewarded with frags and also the opportunity of gaining equipment from the corpse of the deceased. The risk, however, is that if you are the one who is killed, you will LOSE frags and the equipment on your corpse is now available for looting.

IMPORTANT: The Evil races of Duris are designed to be more difficult to play and face additional hardships that may be overwhelming for players who are new to the game of Duris. This includes, but is not limited to, reduced vision on surface, double or more experience penalty, hometowns and maps filled with aggressive mobs and a lack of protection by hometown mobs.

This is a VERY brief description of how race wars work on Duris. The more intricate details will be revealed as they unfold.

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