Duris Wiki

Throughout the lands of Duris are located certain bodies of water that prohibit the unprepaired from crossing them.  This section seeks to give some advice on how to bypass this restriction.


As with most obstacles found on Duris, this problem can readily be solved by the judicious use of the arcane arts.  All flight-based spells, as well as the less useful levitate spell, will grant the player the ability to manuever over lakes and rivers.  It is rumoured that high level Windtalkers have an arcane ability to walk the oceans.  This, however, is unconfirmed.

Rafts and Ships[]

Alternately, a player may find or purchase a raft (sometimes called a boat such as the boat from the Fisherman's Wharf).  This item, when held in the inventory, also grants the player the ability to walk over and across most lakes and rivers.  To cross the ocean requires a slightly bigger solution: ships.  Players can purchase ships of varying sizes (though a sloop is usually the initial ship purchased) and take to the whale-road in hope of travelling between the continents.


Finally, you can rely on your mount to get you down that river and across the lake to the island at its center. A large portion of the mobs of Duris can be used as mounts, and some of these mobs have no problems navigating across water. The Paladin's Pegasus and the Anti-Paladin's Hellhound both have flight. Pegasus have wings. The Khonami-Khan apes, tigers, goats, and ocelots have been known to swim. Experiment and compile a list of mounts that can get you across that raging river before your enemy buries his axe in the base of your skull.