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Shamans are unlike most other magic-using classes, in that they use the
powers of nature, the elements and the spirit world to create and use their
magics. Unlike Druids, however, they twist the forces of nature for their
own uses instead of communing on a more friendly, integral level. Shamans
spellcasting abilities include healing and offensive, though neither is as
far-reaching or potent as those of a Sorcerer or Cleric. Shamans are also
unique in that they must use totems in order to cast their spells. For more
help, see totems.

==Equipment usage==
Shamans fall under the Priest classification of item restriction. This means
they are restricted to use of non-edged weapons such as maces, clubs and staves.
Some exceptions are allowed, depending on the deity you worship. They can wear
almost any type of armor, but are mildly restricted in the use of miscellaneous
magical items.

==Things to Note ===
Shamans use mem and use wisdom to decrease memtimes. Rember racial strength
is key to some of the most important shaman spells. Also if going channeler, Make sure you go conjurer first.
Evenatually you will need better totems and have to get them from minor creation or shops,monsters.
Most likely you will aquire a 2 sphere or 3 sphere totem witch will save you from haveing to change totems.
Shamans eat thrikreens, Yum.

==See also==
* Animal Sphere
* Elemental Sphere
* Shaman Skills
* Spirit Sphere
* Totems

==Allowed races==
*Kuo Toa

==Innate abilities==



The Elementalist has learned to master the power of the elemental realm.
His elemental offensive spells are able to inflict more damage, and he is
also able to absorb elemental attacks better. At the highest level of the
craft, he is able to invoke a maelstrom of pure elemental brutality.

==Innate Abilities==
; 35th level: Elemental Power

; 7th circle: Elemental Affinity
; 11th circle: Cascading Elemental Beam
; 11th circle: Nivards Wicked Firebrand
; 12th circle: Elemental Fury, Guardian Spirits

The Spiritualist has mastered the art of both life and death. He is able to
heal more effectively than his other Shaman counterparts. Having seen beyond
death, the Spiritualist cannot be shaken by mortal intimidation. It is even said
that at the highest form of their art, they can even stave off death itself!

==Innate Abilities==
; 36th level: Improved Heal

; 7th circle: Indomitability
; 8th circle: Tormenting Spirits
; 10th circle: Spirit Walk, Restoration, Depressed Earth
; 11th circle: Guardian Spirits, Resurrection

The Animalist specializes in the feral nature of his art. They are able
to summon larger pets, and can even take the form of certain animals.

==Innate Abilities==
; 31st level: Charm Animal
; 41st level: Shapechange

; 7th circle: Animal Growth
; 7th circle: Pulchritude
; 8th circle: Scent of the Bloodhound
; 9th circle: Greater Summon Beast
; 11th circle: Essence of the Wolf, Guardian Spirits

=================Base Class Skills============[]

Shaman skills
The following is a list of all skills and spells available to the Shaman class:

; 1st level: 1h bludgeon, 2h bludgeon, Bandage, Carve, Climb
Dodge,Meditate, Mine, Mount, Quick Chant,
Retreat, Shaman Spell Knowledge, Swim

Shaman spells are divided into three spheres. They are indicated in color by sphere.
brown is animal, red is elemental, and white is spiritual.

1st circle
Ice Missile, Spirit Armor, Wolfspeed, Transfer Wellness
; 2nd circle: Lesser Mending, Flameburst, Reveal Spirit Essence
; 3rd circle: Scalding Blast, Pythonsting, Fire Ward, Snailspeed
Molevision, Cold Ward, Purify Spirit
; 4th circle: Pantherspeed, Mending, Mousestrength, Soul Disturbance
Summon Beast, Scorching Touch, Hawkvision
; 5th circle: Bearstrength, Malison, Shrewtameness, Sense Spirit
Molten Spray, Protection from Animals
; 6th circle: Wellness, Lionrage, Greater Mending, Spirit Anguish
Spirit Sight, Earthen Grasp
; 7th circle: Greater Soul Disturbance, Elephantstrength, Ravenflight
Spirit Ward
; 8th circle: Greater Pythonsting, Scathing Wind, Spirit Jump
Reveal True Form, Corrosive Blast
; 9th circle: Greater Ravenflight, Greater Spirit Ward
Arieks Shattering Iceball
; 10th circle: Earthen Rain, Etherportal, Gaseous Cloud
; 11th circle: Greater Spirit Sight, Greater Earthen Grasp
; 12th circle: Greater Spirit Anguish