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Help Article[]

A relative new ability developed recently by a sect of powerful mages, this ability allows the mage to utilize his or her hands to enunciate a magical spell, thus allowing them to cast in conditions that would normally require a spoken word. When using their hands to cast a spell, the caster's Dexterity and skill in Silent Spell play an important role in the successful casting of the spell.

Zone Information[]

Zone Name: The Lost Realms of Shadowfall

Average mob level in zone:

Mob Information[]

Room Name: The Archmage of Shadowfall


  1. Enter Zone Marker on Map from North
  2. Push Slab
  3. S S
  4. Enter Rift
  5. N W
  6. 13 N
  7. E N N

Mob Name: A wolfen mage stands here with a concerned look on his face.


Welcome, traveller!

I am pleased that you have wandered so far in order to seek my assistance.

There are few adventurers willing to seek out the knowledge of silent spell. It will cost you 50 epic points and 500 platinum.

Practice Message[]

Karig Gwynhar, the wolfen archmage takes you aside and teaches you the finer points of silent spell.

You feel your skill in silent spell improving.

Skill Message[]

With the absence of sound, you begin using your hands to channel the weave...

You complete your spell...

Using your expanded knowledge, you cast the spell with nothing but a gesture of the hand.

Example Silent Room[]

A Silent Hallway

This hallway is dimly lit with candles on the walls.  There are scrolls with ancient writing carefully lying in locked bookcases.  The scrolls are rolled up and most are written in a strange encryption. The bookcases seem to be giving off some kind of heat, and one can feel a magical aura coming from the scrolls from within the bookcases.

An unnatural silence fills this area.

Obvious exits: -North -South

Note: The message This area seems to be devoid of magic! means no magic, not silence. This epic skill does not allow you to cast in no magic.