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Spell System[]

Duris, in its attempt to improve on the standard, stock DikuMUDs that already exist throughout the Internet, has moved away from the traditional mana system. In its place, the Duris Forgers have implemented a system very similar to that used in the AD&D game. Rather than a pool of mana from which any spell can be drawn, most casters on Duris must memorize/pray/commune/assimilate or tupor spells. These spells are divided into different "Spell Circles" limiting the spells that a caster/semi-caster can draw upon. At level 1, a caster is proficient in one spell circle and is allotted one "Spell Slot" from that circle which he can regain via one of the methods listed above. As he gains in levels, the numbers of Spell Slot|slots available in each circle increases as does the number of Spell Circle|circles in which the caster is proficient.

The caster has available to him a number of spells at each circle which he can regenerate. He simply chooses those spells which he wishes to use then must fill his reservoir in one of the mentioned ways. The slots can be used up on all different spells or all on the same spell or any combination of spells. These spells are then a part of the caster"s mind and can be called upon at any time. Once a spell is cast it is no longer memorized or prayed for. It becomes a spell that needs to be memorized again. It cannot be cast again until it is re-memorized or re-prayed for.

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