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Help Article[]

This epic skill creates a Familiar or a low lvl NPC that will follow you til death. The higher the skill lvl the more powerful the Familiar. These can be used for many things. Play around with it, See what they are capable of. An ancient witch in the Defense of Longhollow bestows the power of this ability.

Zone Information[]

Zone Name: The Defense of Longhollow

Average mob level in zone:

Mob Information[]

Room Name: A Beautiful Stone Shrine


  1. Enter Zone Marker on Map from West
  2. From entrance go S, 6 E, 2 S
  3. At this point type exit and note the different color ANSI for the exit to the south, the path to the mob follows this ANSI
  4. S W S E (Type Exit before going into each to verify ANSI)

Mob Name: (Q)A woman stands here tending the cauldron.

Look Mob: Thick layers of fiery red hair have been pulled back and tightly braided into a single strand. Eyes of emerald green rest below two crescent moon shaped eyebrows while alabaster flesh stretches across a frame of defined muscle. A small diamond shaped tattoo can be seen on her left breast.


Welcome, traveller! I am pleased that you have wandered so far in order to seek my assistance. There are few adventurers willing to seek out the knowledge of summon familiar.

It will cost you 50 epic points and 500 platinum.

Practice Message[]


Familiar Skill Level Arrival and Mount Messages
cat 10

A black cat familiar announces its arrival with a quiet squeak.

You climb up and ride a black cat familiar.

bat 30

A dark-skinned bat announces its arrival with a quiet squeak.

You climb up and ride a dark-skinned bat.

iguana 50 A small iguana familiar announces its arrival with a quiet squeak.

It's too difficult to ride on a small iguana familiar.