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Summoners, also known as Dranjurers, are hands down the cheesiest class on Duris. In their short history, balancing them has been virtually impossible, and as of 2021 they have been removed. If you play one, you'll realize how absurdly overpowered they can be, and likely you will choose to only PVE with the char, knowing that if you kill players with your broken deathpets, you'll get instanerfed into oblivion..

That said, the basic strategy is, 1. Level up to 51 (there's no need to go higher) 2. Have charisma >120 so you can 3. successfully cast contain on rare and hard to kill mobs. 4. Equip that pet and 5. order it to destroy the universe. 6. Loot and enjoy!

From the in-game help files:


Summoners are another creative branch of the magic-users. They specialize in enchantments, conjuring creatures, and objects. They are the only ones able to identify objects. Summoners, like other magic-users, possess awesome spell casting might and are able to throw some of the world's most potent spells. Summoners have fewer offensive spells than sorcerers, yet have some of the best defensive spells on Duris. The spells Stone Skin and Globe of Invulnerability, can shield the Summoner in protective magics requiring considerable effort to kill.  They also rely on their constitution to help maintain the physical durability needed to survive. The following epic skills are available to this class: chant mastery, summon familiar, advanced meditation, scribe mastery, silent spell, shield combat, infuse life, spell penetration, toughness, improved endurance, fix, smelt, infuse magical device, epic strength, epic power, epic agility, epic intelligence, epic dexterity, epic wisdom, epic constitution, epic charisma, epic luck and ship damage control. .

Equipment usage[]

As all classes on Duris, Summoners have their own classification of item restriction. They have a very small range of weapons they can use and a small range of armor to choose from. They have very little restrictions on what miscellaneous magical items they can use, though.

Pet/Minion Control[]

Summoners use the conjure command to summon their minions to do their bidding.  A Summoner starts with a single low level construct which they can call forth to assist them. Once specialized, the Summoner must contain additional creatures which they can later summon. One does this by afflicting a target of appropriate race with the 'contain being' spell and then finishing them off. If successful, the afflicted being will be contained and become a summonable minion who can be called forth at any time.  In order to properly contain and control pets, a Summoner relies on his intelligence and charisma.

See also[]

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Allowed races[]

* Human, Drow Elf, Grey Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Orc, Githyanki, Shade, Goblin, Phantom, Githzerai, Kobold, Illithid, Gargoyle

Innate abilities[]



* Controller * Mentalist * Naturalist