The Golden Halls of the CrownEdit

Written by KrzznEdit

Zone Info: 25 - 50 (Avg. Mob Level: 34)Edit

Quests: (see map for locations) Edit

Platemail of Heroism Quest: Edit
1 - Kill captain (D) search body get note Edit
2 - Kill animals (bear, peryton&olyx search get hide) Edit
3 - Give note to Hazk (H) receive key, search find door unlock door open door, buy gourd Edit
4 - Give Bear (⓫) Peryton (⓬) & Olyx (❽) hide + 30PP to Hazk for "statue" Edit
5 - give Gourd+Statue+25PP to Bullywug (3) receive totem of the bullywug shaman (suuuuck!) Edit
6 - give Totem of the Bullywug shaman to Glakkabb (J) receive "Red-Crystal ring 15 hps) Edit
7 - Slay Glakkabb (J) take loot Edit
8 - Slay Galban (9) give key to Grey elf (⓫), get golden pin search out head Edit
9 - Give ring from Glakkabb (J) to Drow (8) for Drow-Elven buckler 15hps 15 ac Edit
10 - Give buckler to Master Teacher (E) for Rod of the Farslayer Edit
11 - Give rod to Thri-kreen (A) receive Amulet of Kraang Edit
12 - Give Amulet of Kraang + Goblin totem to Tield (⓿) near Spriggan (M) for Balanced Goblin Longsword Edit
13 - Give Longsword+Bloody Head+Golden Pin to Prince (G) for the Plate mail of Heroism (ac30+30hps+3hitroll) you must Identify the armor before it shows correct name. Edit
Kenku quest:Edit
Give prison cell keys from Prison Gate guard to Kenku will return the keyes and give an exp reward. (~100k xp)Edit
Connects to:Edit
Surface Realm of Duris (Good Continent)Edit
Underdark Map (Good Continent)Edit

Zone Map:Edit

Golden hall

The Golden Halls of the Crown

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