Duris Wiki

Magic Shield (defined):

  • A magic shield is either coldshield, fireshield, soulshield, negative energy barrier, or lightning shield.
  • There are two types of magic shields: elemental and holy.
  • Magic shields can do two things: decrease damage of the same type as the shield, increase damageof the opposite type of the shield.

For example, if you are fireshielded, your opponents fireballs, sunrays, and incendiary clouds will do 50% damage. Your opponents cone of colds, arieks shattering iceballs, and ice storms will do 200% damage.

When do you use magic shields defensively?

  • Negative energy barrier when fighting shadow-breathing mobs.
  • Negative energy barrier when fighting disintegrating conjurers.
  • Fireshield when fighting incendiary clouding, fire breathing, scathing winding mobs (*)
  • Coldshield when fighting iceballing players, or frost-breathing mobs.
  • Coldshield when fighting any thri-kreen raced mobs or players.
  • Fireshield when fighting sunraying players.
  • Soulshield when fighting any hitter players.

(*) - Fireshield is the more effective then coldshield in zones, as there are more higher-level fire-based area nukes then cold. Coldshield has actually proven to be harmful in end-game zoning.

When do you take advantage of your opponents magic shield?

  • Iceballing someone with fireshield.
  • Disintegrating someone with soulshield.
  • Flamestriking someone with negative energy barrier and coldshield. (x)
  • Sunraying someone with coldshield.

(x) - Flamestrike is half holy damage, and half fire damage, it can give bonus damage against both coldshielded and negative energy barrier (or undead) victims. Not to mention its fast casting time.

Note: Negative energy barrier also prevents something that would normally vamp in combat from doing so.

Remember, you can use your shields to fight mobs in the same way you might use specific nukes against their weaknesses. Fireshield on fights against trolls and undead, coldshield against thri-kreens and fire-shielded hitters, soulshield against anything opposite align and all undead, negative energy barrier against anything with soulshield.