Volo, the Traveller, possibly the world's greatest traveller to ever walk Duris, once charted the planes when planar travel was first discovered. He started out with the elemental planes for he was wearing a ring that allowed him free passage amongst various elementals. His next trips started to explore the astral plane and ethereal planes.

All elemental planes have 2 safe rooms, 2e1u, or 2w1d in relation to each other.
Fire, Water, Air are !recall

Volo's guide to the Planes of Existence

Ethereal Plane

<map in work>

Astral Plane


Volo's guide to the Astral Plane

Elemental Planes

Air Plane


Air Plane Map

Earth Plane

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Fire Plane

This plane is as per most planes a repeating (cyclic) 3-dimensional grid.

Dirs from Edge of a Sphere of Air to a Jet of Multi-Colored Flame are: E, E, U.

Dirs to Brass Gates from a Jet of Multi-Colored Flame are: E, E, S, U, N.

Dirs to Charcol Palace from Edge of a Sphere of Air are: N, W, W.

Water Plane

<map in work>

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