Duris Wiki

Specs: Swordsman is the damage-dealing spec. Swordsmen get shieldless bash so they are meant to dual (or quadruple) wield for more attacks. They can also take down enemies from +3 to -1 sizes with 'sweeping thrust', but this effect does not last very long. Swordsmen also get third attacks earlier and quadruple attack at 56 so they will deal a fair bit more damage than guardians.

Guardian is for characters who will tank in zones. Their bashes are also better than swordsman. For guardian, you want to equip for all saves and prots, and have extra hitpoints if possible. Always guard either lowest hps in group or the cleric. setup macros and alias's for rescues on the ones in group. I should probably put this in script section and I might at some point, just not right now, but the trigger/macro I use is simple but really only meant for if you are the main tank in the group:

  1. trigger {T: (*) TP} {@rr = %1} "rescues"
  1. key key7 {rescue @rr} "rescues"

I also usually put everyone in group on one macro to rescue them all.....gets spammy the way I do it but it usually works well.

  1. key f10 {stand;res jov;res grotar;res hanse;res solan;res segin;res eldarmi;res aceldama;res tolm;res tonis;res doo;res takah;res potius;res sylvist;res dalla;res straut;res alurissi;res maulrrk} "rescues"

I use f10 as a last resort.

not the best guide I know but hope it helps some ppls.