Duris Wiki

Most recent changes as of new season (2012-2013)

  • Kitsero is no longer head admin. 
  • Alot of animals are now mountable.  Somehow most fish are as well. 
  • Nchat has no level however you do need to tog it back on after higher levels. 
  • You can now see all same racewar side players regardless of detect invisible. 
  • Jodnan offers tradeskill, you only get one of three choices mining forging or crafting. 
  • Mining requires higher level and skill level for better out put of ore. 
  • Dexterity is now a major factor with amount of hits you dish out.  Its not uncommon to get your ass kicked by a halfling ranger. 

Changes made over the years. 

  • Some oldschool players who shall remain nameless are no longer twinks.
  • We still have twinks.
  • Each class has specializations.
  • Frag system is no longer done by the killing blow.
  • Evils no longer purge (Sorry)
  • Everyone is multi-lingual for their race war side.
  • No longer need water or food. However food can help you regen moves slightly faster.
  • Banks now have lockers so no more storage characters.
  • Nchat is now allowable for all levels you may need to tog it at higher lvls. 
  • Dora the Explorer can travel the UD with minor difficuluty.
  • Evils are only slightly stronger than goodies.
  • Forums are back up only one channel is used for flaming. (www.durismud.com)
  • Mobs have a chance of dropping random eq on death, this eq can be very nice. Use exam command on them to get an idea of what they do.
  • Ships now have combat, can run cargo for money or can fight mobs and sea monsters.
  • Mines are all over the map. Carry a pick and you can mine the ore for some cash.
  • Pieces of material can be collected for making eq.
  • Hope I didn't miss anything.